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Here in the diary, we are very happy to introduce you to the parents of the planned litter and the subsequent joys and gradual steps of our "B" litter.

Brown Flat Coated Retriever puppies.


The planned litter "B" will be from the union of our Loki with a foreign dog and will thus be a foreign cover. Expected puppies will only be brown - dark chocolate color with quality coat. Both parents of the litter were tested for: HD, ED, PL, Gonio and eye diseases, as well as heart. Again, we expect a more active nature, a pleasant exterior and excellent workers with an appetite for work. Thanks to their pedigree, they will also be suitable for subsequent breeding. Exhibitions and trials are not a requirement, but if you are interested, we will be happy to help with everything. They will also be satisfied as family companions, companions for various dog sports or active tourism.


We have the last very promising brown dog available for breeding.

!!! If you are interested in a puppy from us, please read and study the sections below:


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            Loki                                                                                 Mentos

                                HSCh, KV                                                 JCh PL, MultiCh, PLGCh, C.I.E. , BIS -KV

Mother:  A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel                 Father:   Pearl of Knight Dragonborn


Pedigree of the litter "B":


Presentation leaflet of litter "B" Created by: Myszkiewicz, for which we thank him very much.

Parent information:

Mother of the litter

The mother of our puppies will be Loki.
(HSCh, KV, A Rainbow for Life Happy Sweet Angel)
female imported from Slovakia, after our successful cover dog Rainbow.


Loki is our first female, imported from Slovakia. Her father is our successful cover dog Rainbow (Alfedo z Anvesu) grand champion and multiple beauty champion of several countries. Whose blood is mostly built on Swedish Almanza bloodline.
On the side of the mother Daysi (Dream Dakota Angel from Slovakia), the genes of working lines and champions of work, from dogs that can be used for hunting in all aspects, meet again. Loki got the best of both sides from her parents. She is a show champion of the beauty of Hungary, a waiting for the Interchampion and champion of Hungary, multiple regional and regional winner, the best bitch in the breed. Her health results are excellent, and not only the mandatory ones. He has negative X-ray results of the hips, elbows and patella. But also a heart examination - malignant hypertemia and an eye examination for gonio, all with a negative result. She also has a scissor bite and full teeth. By nature, she is a balanced, more temperamental female with a constant good mood and a willingness to go all out in everything.

Read more about Loki HERE.   


Father of the litter

The father of the puppies will be a young breeding dog of foreign blood Mentos.
(JCh PL, MultiCh, PLGCh, C.I.E. , BIS -KV Pearl of Knight Dragonborn) PL


I watched Mentos some time ago, so I could follow his journey and the gradual steps to all his successes. He immediately caught my attention with his beautiful skeletal structure, rich and high-quality coat, which is not quite usual for brown flats. And I absolutely fell in love with its beautifully elegant, spacious movement. By nature, he is a typical cheerful, loving and balanced flatie who adores human contact. I gradually started to study his family tree and thus immersed myself again in my study rummaging for all the information about ancestors. Mentos' family tree is built almost entirely on Swedish blood and we can find very interesting "older" Swedish lines here. It contains many important breeders who were in great demand all over the world, but also one from the country of origin of the breed - from England.

At shows, Mentos is very successful, he is a multiple beauty champion of several countries, but also a grand champion and can be proud of an international show champion. This year (2023) he won praise at the world's most prestigious and largest Cruft's dog show in Birmingham, England, which is always heavily occupied by English and foreign dogs. He secured the qualification for the next year of Cruft's for next year 2024. He also won the title of BIS (Best in show) at the club show in Slovenia.

But Mentos is not only successful in the field of exhibitions, it is also very clever in the field of use. He has successfully passed assistance dog tests as well as obedience and rally tests. Like a good flat, he loves water, swimming and retrieving. Brings both water and furry fetch. He is still preparing for work tests, as they are not compulsory to breed abroad, but I am even more happy when the owners of their own free will lead the dogs to their natural use. Mentose's mother, Cindy - Sailing Team Dragon Dream - won working champion and working certificate as hunting service dog. She took work exams both in the Czech Republic under the patronage of Czech clubs (KPZ, KZVP) and in Poland. She received 3x CACT. And the fact that good genes for innate work are inherited is also evidenced by the fact that even Mentos' real sister - "Pepa" has already successfully passed 3 working tests (one under the patronage of the retriever club in the Czech Republic - KZVP) and all with placement.

However, I am most happy with my health results, which I always attach the greatest importance to and put them first. Mentos has a correct, scissor bite and is tested for mandatory and above-standard examinations and has all of them with perfect results. He has clean x-rays of his hips, elbows, clear eye and heart exams and goes to the vet for regular preventive check-ups.

This will be the very first descendants of Mentos, so this connection is a contribution of interesting foreign blood.

 323555444 1610756296012119 5181888284606193363 n 
 336173622 200520655917615 955541670219420701 n


Litter diary


✯ For the sake of interest, we add the Breeder's diary, where you can follow the puppy's growth day by day. :)



We have the last very promising brown dog available for breeding with FCI pedigree.
💜 PURPLE DOG 💜 Beautifully built dog with a strong skeleton, longer frame, with a perfect nose and talent for work. It has rich fur, beautiful dark colors. He never leaves his tail alone, he really enjoys keeping people company and he is a terrible cuddly dog ​​who climbs into his arms by himself. He runs like a walrus outside and prefers to follow a person, he is simply a heartthrob. He loves any kind of fetching and retrieving, he is also a water lover and likes to solve various puzzles. He has acquired hygienic habits, knows basic commands and is very docile. We are therefore looking for suitable owners who will open their arms full of love and much more. 
The dog come from a foreign shelter and have an interesting pedigree. Both parents are above standard testing with excellent health results. HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, PL: 0/0, RYR1: N/N, OCD: clear, Correct scissor bite.
The parents are the administrative representatives of the breed, they have an excellent, balanced, kind nature and have a more lively temperament. The mother is a hunting female and both parents are champions of beauty.
We will be happy to stay in touch with the new owners and welcome them into our 𝑅𝒶𝒾𝒾𝑜𝓌 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝐿𝒾𝒻𝑒 family. We provide our breedings with a lifelong above-standard breeding service. 
If you are interested in one of the dogs, do not hesitate to contact us. 



9/5/2024 - 7 weeks - The puppies "celebrate" 7 weeks in this world today and it seems unreal, it's been so long since we had 9 brown balls rolling around in the birthing box, but actually so recently. From those brown, clumsy moles, they suddenly turn into small dogs, who are as fast as jackals and have the energy for another 10 raccoons. They already eat good portions and that they like it, you can see from their nice round bellies, but also from their weight.
We also enlarged their outdoor run, as it was getting too small for them, and on that occasion we also added a new environment with a new surface. The weather is also kind to us, so we were able to add a paddling pool, which our water lovers really liked. Even if we only have one last week together, it will be worth it! Their rapid development can be seen every day. They already require a lot of attention and would most like to participate in everything that is happening around them, they would always try something, discover, experience. :) And even though we're really grinding to the last of our strength (this year is really excellent) :) we still do the first and the last for our little ones, because it makes sense! Loki doesn't spare them when they play together and they can have a good time together, and the education goes in all directions! The puppies were also examined by the veterinarian, who listened to everyone's heart, breath and pulse, and they are awaiting their first vaccination and chip marking. We will soon introduce you to the names that the puppies will have in PP. They also have more pose and portrait photos and they are real hotties all in one! Apart from that, there are also shikuls who put themselves in the exhibition position and stand like statues. They probably practiced it in their mother's womb when she posed for photos. :) It's a pleasure to work with them and the enthusiasm in their eyes when they bring us the supplies... Oh, we'll miss them so much! :( By nature, they are wonderful people, but they are also nice people who you can count on to always come up with something and surprise you with something. But overall they are funny and fun to be with. where we blew it a bit and we should pack a travel suitcase for them) :D and we still have a lot, a lot of paperwork to do and if we don't go crazy in the last week, then probably never again. :)



5/2/2024 - 6th week - They say, be careful what you wish for. It could come true for you... And so, after feeding the puppies at night, I wished that our puppies would start to be a little angry, so that I wouldn't be so terribly sad when these wonderful children go to their new homes. The next day I bitterly regretted it and thought to myself that I didn't mean it so literally again when our little one tried to fulfill my wish perfectly. The scene that occurred to me after coming home from work was really like one of the successful viral videos circulating on the Internet. When an individual films and adds video clips of various hard-to-believe things and doesn't know where to look first.
In the same way, I was standing in the middle of the paddock, brown missiles were flying around and you didn't know where to jump first. The beautiful and popular paper house for several weeks was torn to pieces, pieces of paper were lying everywhere, one puppy decided in the heat that it probably wouldn't make it to the toilet and left a puddle on the lino, the other 3 ran through it, the fourth individual pulled a piece of the sheet through thank him for probably wanting to wipe it off) after which he immediately threw the sheet into a bowl of water, it immediately began to absorb water, another adept had to look at it and spread it in all directions. The rest were in full force tearing and tearing the handkerchief that had fallen there after cleaning up the pile and some good guy was splashing all the remaining water from the bowl. I'm not talking about messy piles... At least they behave like well-ordered and calm puppies before visits. :D Granules scattered all over the enclosure and it's hard to believe where they were still found. Someone steps on lego at home, someone on granules, that's how it goes in the world and no one knows where it's always coming from. :)

The puppies have had another deworming, they are eating well, they are getting hungrier, they are gaining weight and they are sooo big?! And also especially heavy! Carrying them to the outdoor paddock already gives us nice biceps. They spend most of their time outside every day, running around like crazy and discovering something new every day. We also take the puppies out of the paddocks so that they can get to know the world around them and they like that very much. From the 6th week, it also turned out that we also have a few kangaroos in the litter, who have obviously drunk a little hops juice and are jumping like on springs. :) Also, my storage, where I have about one million five hundred and fifty-five photos of puppies, is getting a bit busy, so it's getting quite busy and sorting through the photos takes much more time than one would like and imagine. But don't worry, there will be photos! We have them and we document everything. Loki's mother is a really wonderful mother and does not shy away from the puppies, on the contrary, she always seeks out their company, plays and frolics beautifully with them. Even if someone pulls her tail or ear, she is still so caring and looks at them with a loving look. When she is not with the puppies, she enjoys regular walks and we will slowly return her to her original pre-puppy routine. In order to give her the best after birth, we have included a dog fitness program that includes exercises specifically tailored for Loki. Although she is in great condition after giving birth (it's simply unbelievable how proud we are of her), she hasn't lost her hair "yet", so thanks to practicing proper coordination, stretching and all the small exercises, we will get not only a healthy dog but also a proper posture. In addition, I managed to complete the educational seminar on feeding "Granules vs. Barf, so I was able to peek a little more under the hood regarding feeding and confirm that we know what we are doing. We pass on all our experience and loaded information to new owners puppies, which includes our superior breeding service that we provide to our bred individuals for life. I have completed 7 webinars in the last six months, but that deserves to be resuscitated in the news section and create a separate article there. The puppies had their first contact with fur and fur they liked it very much. And so it was the turn of the first retriever, they are passionate fetchers. We are very pleased that all our puppies have perfect abilities and so it will be a pleasure to work with them for the future owners and as soon as we get the next round of paperwork done, we'll start posting photos. (A hundred years might be enough for that) :)
We have also had loads of pet visits since 4 weeks and you are all truly amazing!! Thank you all very much for all the gifts, for the puppies, for mom, but also for our little one and for your consideration and understanding. You can already see that our Capartians will be loved and will have perfect care. And that is the only REAL wish for us and not some "you have to be a little more angry" but that was stupid... :)



Portraits of puppies and their first positions - 5.5 weeks

⭐  Our boys ⭐

Svetle zeleny 5 WEB Oranzovy 5 WEB

Zluty 5 WEB Fialovy 5 WEB

Cerveny 5 WEB Modry 5 WEB

Tmave zeleny 5 WEB

⭐  Our girls 

 Tmave ruzova 5 WEB Svetle ruzova 5 WEB


What do we feed our puppies and where do they spend their time?

Puppies will find in their bowl: fresh meat directly from the butcher, quality canned meat, sprats, various types of dairy products with dog biscuits,vegetables, fruits, but also super premium kibble. 

 krmeni  krmeni 1

Of course, also mother's milk! :) Last but not least, they also enjoy meat treats (dried lungs, various freeze-dried types of meat).

Krmeni 5 pul tydne 5 pul tydne

We have runs inside the house, but also outside, so that the puppies get to know both worlds. We continuously change the insides of the paddocks and add various interesting things. We always keep them clean and safe. At home, the puppies get used to all possible sounds and sensations of the household and inside the enclosure they have different surfaces so that nothing surprises them in the future. Outside, they get to know the bustle of the countryside, other animals, chainsaws, mowers, tractors, wind and sails.

vybeh vybeh
vybeh 2 vybeh 4


25/04/2024 - 5 weeks. It flies so fast, one says to himself when looking into the paddock, where instead of lounging brown moles, beautifully bushy teddy bears are running around. They look at you with fixed eyes, like a savior and are full of expectations of what will happen. One would crush them into one with love until someone bites his heel. :) The period is terribly beautiful, but also demanding. Visitors are starting to come to us and the little ones need a lot of attention. Of course, puppies need care from the very beginning, but every week the care is different. At the moment, it is necessary to socialize the puppies as much as possible, pay attention to them, teach them everything new and develop their senses. Although we fall down with fatigue and it takes all the time we cut from our sleep or other duties, but it is really worth it and we give it our absolute best. We also make regular changes in the enclosure and alternate toys, sounds and materials so that the puppies are used to all surfaces. Not only will all these little things make it easier for new owners to get started, but above all our puppies will have a solid foundation and the best start to a new stage of life.
They're pretty good guys. More claw trimming took place and though they look like sweet angels, they can start a nice concert and their teeth are razor sharp. We teach them not to bite people, so they immediately lick their entire hand or nose apologetically. :) Then they bite with gusto into the sibling who doesn't want to like it and the nudges are already in full swing. Of course, this is accompanied by decent sound effects. Outside the paddock, he feels like "at home" and runs wild like a chain. It looks like when you release a herd on a green bow after winter. They spin, gallop, run excitedly as if frightened and are very happy about everything. They are funny and you can't help but love them. :D Mom Loki is still patiently taking care of the crumbs and likes to play with them, raise them and when it's necessary to knock someone's comb off, she doesn't hesitate and immediately sets the right boundaries for what the puppy can no longer afford. Yesterday the weather finally cleared and we let the puppies out (yes, literally let them out :D it was a run, man) out into the garden. They liked the grass very much, and the enthusiastic retrievers immediately found a small branch with leaves and ran with it on the outdoor run. Beautiful weather is forecast for the weekend, so we will start building an even bigger outdoor run with lots of other new things for the puppies to discover. It is not enough for us that we have lost the living room, which is now more of a paddock. :D But what wouldn't we do for them, for our bushy treasures. ♥

Vahove prirustky 4 tydny 


Portrait photos of puppies 4 weeks.

⭐ Dark green boy                                                                        ⭐  Light green boy 

tmave zeleny 4 tydny web Svetle zeleny 4 tydny

⭐ Orange boy                                                                               ⭐ Blue boy

Oranzovy 4 tydny web Modry 4 tydny web

⭐ Dark pink girl                                                                           ⭐ Light pink girl

Tmave ruzova 4 tydny web Světle ruzova 4 Tydny web

⭐ Red boy                                                                                     ⭐ Purple boy

Cerveny 4 tydny web Fialovy 4 tydny web

⭐ Yellow boy

Zluty 4 tyden web


18.4.2024 - 4 weeks. In the last week, the puppies have already made a big leap in all directions. They fully enjoy the large enclosure, bite and tug at toys or their sibling's tail. Mommy Loki is a great crawler and it's quite fun to pull her ear or hair. And she continues to play with them patiently and as a reward she teases them until they fall to the ground. It is really beautiful to watch the care and sincere love from all sides. Sometimes an adventurer walks past a sleeping group of siblings and there are growls of disapproval, but that's the end of it and the traveler rolls over next to them, or on top of them, and falls asleep, completing their arduous mission to find the best place to sleep. The red bear (the biggest boy who likes it very much) has his throne on the toilet pellets, and literally a throne. It's his favorite place to sleep, it probably has massage features, and it's comfortable too. The rest of the pack are more modest and use more traditional and ordinary places to sleep, such as a suede blanket, a bed, siblings, mom's paw and so on. The puppies already play beautifully together and perceive each other. We must not forget that he can already bark, growl and howl at the top of his lungs. He starts the best serenades just before feeding or when he sees mom approaching. They like to play and use various stimuli and objects, such as a rustling tunnel, a suspended slalom made of paper rolls or a toy with a suspended bell with a piece of wood and a rope. The best thing is to ring the bell at 2 in the morning, and actually why not fill those 5 minutes between sleep and have a little fun. In addition to the milk bar from mom Loki, the puppies also tasted other goodies and threw themselves with great gusto at the homemade meat porridge, made from fresh meat straight from the butcher. Turkey and beef are said to be excellent choices. After a few days, we added porridge made from granules to the menu so that the puppies knew all the tastes and the future owners could choose the feeding according to their options. Puppies from us are used to both styles of feeding, meat and pellets. But, of course, they like meat more, after all, like every dog, they are big eaters or rather grasshoppers who will happily eat everything and it can be seen on the scale. :D However, they have the best from their mother from the very beginning and they gain weight beautifully with each weighing. With such a large litter, these are beautiful weights! At the turn of 3 and 4 weeks, the puppies looked outside for the first time and a few souvenir portraits came out of it. When the weather is good, we already plan to take the puppies outside more and more, where a lot of adventures and more runs await them. After all, they also experience adventures every day at home, where they get used to the normal household activities, appliances, noise and go out to discover the world even outside their enclosure. Well, that's like emptying a bag of fleas and having 10 eyes, 10 hands and enough for everyone. :D They just enjoy discovering the world! They are already beautiful, furry, dark brown bears with a huge appetite for trying new things, they are scared and go headfirst into everything. True, the dark pink lady first lets it go through her head a bit, comments everything properly and then gets down to business. Puppies have excellent noses and sniff out everything at lightning speed! This will be especially appreciated by owners who plan to work with dogs, it will be delicious! Also, they all love cuddles and laps, constantly wagging their little tails and observing their surroundings. Beautiful balanced litter, we are very happy every day. Everyone's teeth have already grown, so it's starting to try everything possible, what can actually be done with them. :)
Well, we care for, clean, feed, wash, prepare, go out, go to work, sleep little. Hard to believe that a day really has 24 hours. Someone must be stealing our hours! :D



Portrait photos of puppies at 3 weeks and their first time outside

⭐ Light green boy        ⭐ Light pink girl        ⭐ Orange boy
Svetle zeleny 3 tydny web Svetle ruzova 3 Tydny web Oranzovy 3 tydny web

⭐ Blue boy        ⭐ Red boy        ⭐ Dark pink girl

Modry 3 tydny web Cerevny 3 tydny web Tmave ruzova 3 tydny web

⭐ Dark green boy        ⭐ Yellow boy        ⭐ Purple boy

Tmave zeleny 3 tydny web Zluty 3 tydny web Fialovy 3 tydny web


11/4/2024 - 3 week. Time flies like crazy and the puppies are 3 weeks old. And it's still a ride! The sleep deficit still hasn't recovered, as the puppies have to be fed every 3 hours and Loki's mom feeds 5 times a day in order to have enough milk. The litter box needs to be kept as clean as possible, so the puppies got a bigger toilet with pellets and even though they are very handy, it is of course no walk in the park and the washing machine runs at least 5 times a day. :) Furthermore, we increased their enclosure and added different surfaces so that the little one gradually gets used to it and nothing can surprise them. All of them already observe the events around them beautifully and always run enthusiastically when you go to pet them. The puppies also have their first deworming and claw trimming. (a total of 162 claws were trimmed with a precise focus on the fencing paws) :) Every day we weigh the puppies as a precaution and monitor the growths so that we can react in time in case of irregularities. We also try to capture as many memories as possible and take pictures of the ostoshest, but on top of all that caring for the animals we still have our regular jobs so time is kind of against us and we post them late, which is normal with puppies. We do what we can, we document, but quality care comes first for us. :) In the following days, the puppies will gradually transition to a more solid diet, and they will begin to drink their mother's milk and taste other goodies. This will first be puppies in a three-pack and feeding more on the puppy than in the puppy. :D A lot of paperwork is also starting regarding processing PP puppies, sending all necessary documents to institutions, information to vets and other organizations. But even so, we have already sent all future owners the first swallow from our manual, what and how to prepare for the arrival of the puppy in its new home. Thank you for the beautiful feedback, we are very happy and recharged for the next few days! :)

A photo album from the 3rd week of the puppies' life was created.
(click on the first photo to view the album)

 IMG 2337 IMG 2369
IMG 2417 IMG 2426
IMG 2320 IMG 2329



2nd week puppy portrait photos

Red boy

Blue boy

Light green boy
 Zeleny 2 tydny web

Dark green boy
Tmave zeleny 2 tydne web Tmave zeleny 2 tydny web

Orange boy
Oranzovy 2 tydny web  Oranzovy 2 tydny web

Dark pink baby girl

Tmave ruzova 2 tydny web Tmave ruzova 2 tydny web

Purple boy

Fialovy 2 tydny web  Fialovy 2 tydny web

Light pink baby girl

Svetle ruzova 2 tydny web  Svetle ruzova 2 tydny web 1

Yellow boy

Zluty 2 tydny web Zluty 2 tydny web


4/4/2024 - 2nd week. The puppies have been in the world for 2 weeks and they are already nice chippers. Everyone's eyes are open, they are already walking around the crate with almost certain steps, and the first litters are starting to establish contact with their siblings. They are growing like water and a few individuals have already tried to look at the mother in the bowl. They say they could even tell each other and it smells very good, but we immediately tame them and return them under "mommy's wings" with the words: "You're still too young for that, friend, go back to the milk". :) We keep records of each puppy and have an overview of who excels. Did you know that even though puppies are born on the same day, they are not all the same age? :) At 9 days of age, we noticed that a few puppies are already walking outside the bed in one place, so a few days ago we also put a small toilet in their crate. Most of them got it right, so it's a little more fun, unless of course some joker gets into it (yes, they like to lie in the toilet) and then he best smears it all over his siblings and the walls of the crate. No, we have no idea how they'll manage to do it, and what's more, it's so damn high... :D

Vrh B 2 tydny web IMG 2191
B 2 tydny web IMG 2197 kopie

Vahove prirusky tydny B


30/3/2024 - Day 10

RFL vrh B web
Vrh B 1 tyden14 web Vrh B 1 tyden13 web
Vrh B 1 tyden15 web Vrh B 1 tyden11 web
Vrh B 1 tyden12 WEB


3/27/2024 - Day 7 - Puppies celebrate their first week of life! That's probably not even true, how things fly and little moles turn into cute little moles. You change shifts to sleep and as soon as you wake up, you look at the box and you won't believe it, but the puppies are a little bigger. Little boy, what do you put in that milk? Cream? :)  Puppies should reach twice their birth weight on Friday. Well, ours better managed it now and gave themselves a little bit of a head start. You can see that Loki spoils them nicely and no one will go hungry or go to bed without a massaged tummy. Lokinka is already doing well for us, her wound is healing nicely and regular walks in the garden help her a lot. Today she even wanted to chase and a few days ago she took a toy with her to fetch. Otherwise we have to say that it looks great. No one would guess what she has been up to 7 days ago and that she is feeding 9 hungry people. The fur is still shiny as for the show and the figure as well. But let's go back to the crate, there it already comes to life here and there and crawling turns into occasional "something like steps". But it's more like different rolls for now, and some experts will also demonstrate a great pararoller. The biggest activity is, of course, feeding, and sometimes it's fun, sir, what such a little one can do. Overall, it looks like these are nice savages, compared to Arya from our first litter. Also, sounds that are remotely reminiscent of barking can be heard from sleep. Some people prefer to sleep on their siblings, others choose the style of a loose puppy somewhere in a crate, and the best pillow is, of course, mom. :)

A photo album was created for the puppies from their 1st week of life.
(click on the first photo to view the album)

 Vrh B 1 tyden web
Vrh B 1 tyden cerveny1 web Vrh B tm zeleny 1tyden web
Loki po vrh B web Loki po vrh B1 web


 Vahoveprirustky B 1 tyden


✯ 25/03/2024 - 5th day - The puppies are growing like water and doing great. They bask nicely, gain weight, sleep, bask again and sleep again... It sounds idyllic, but don't be fooled. So far, they still resemble small moles, but already the first signs of character and aptitude can be seen. (some of them are already nice rascals) Momma Loki takes good care of them and takes care of them. She is still a little angry with feeding, but that is normal for a female after giving birth, so we will forgive her for a few more days. :) So most of the time is taken up by the soup room for the queen of the clan, feeding the puppies (every hour - 24 hours), checking the temperature and above all the cleanliness in the crate. The washing machine didn't even remember it was off at our place anymore and it's running at full speed, just like us. As soon as you turn around, it's day/night and time flies so fast that if you just think about doing something else, right now someone's hungry and so practically they're only dealing with food and what's worse, not their own... :D If they want to someone lose weight, get puppies and enjoy all the fun around. 4 kg in 3 days down guaranteed. :)

IMG_1885_web.jpg IMG_1861_web.jpg
IMG_1873web.jpg IMG_1870_web.jpg IMG_1875web.jpg



✯ 21.3.2024 - Day 1 - On Thursday afternoon, 9 beautiful brown puppies were born to Loki and Mentos. 7 males and 2 females. 🤎

After slightly catching up on the sleep deficit, we can write our "story" at night, or how our "B" litter came into the world. The beginning began already on Tuesday night, when the first messengers of the impending birth came to Loki. This is the time when the breeder closes his eyes and prefers to keep an eye on everything. The next day, Wednesday, it was necessary to take a vacation and gradually prepare for the birth. Loki conscientiously and carefully prepared from Wednesday night all night until Thursday morning, so the sleep deficit started to add up, but the adrenaline balanced it out nicely and in the morning Loki went into labor. Everything was going as normal, Loki was having regular contractions and pushing...until one moment when the breaking point came and everything stopped. We had to evaluate the situation and we didn't leave anything to chance, we preferred to go for a veterinary check-up. We honestly didn't want to take the female to the vet during the birthing stage, but in the end it's good that we went there... After Loki's examination, it was found that one puppy (when we find out who it was will go to the front teats as a punishment) !! caused a barricade and thus the other siblings could not get out. The whole thing just stopped completely, blocked it, they say it won't go out. But there was no time to spare and according to the results of the necessary examinations and ultrasound, it was clear that it was necessary to intervene and that it was necessary to perform a section, or caesarean section. Since we breed for pleasure and our dogs are legitimate family members for us, these moments were tense for us and we imagined dark scenarios and overall it was not easy for us. Before the emperor, we had Loki do a pre-operative examination and we were happy that we also do above-standard health tests on our dogs, such as a heart examination, and we got praise for it at the vet. Then all we had to do was wait...then the door opened and the doctor said, you have 9 beautiful puppies, Loki is waking up. Loki was immediately interested in the puppies and the vet said she was a really good mom. She immediately gave them a drink and then we could all go home with joy. We would like to thank the VyVet veterinary clinic, especially Drs Slezáková and Rauserová, for their perfect approach and care. And also to my friend Míša, who came to support us without us knowing that she would arrive and subsequently helped with everything that was needed. Both the dog and the puppies are fine and everything is as it should be, for which we are very happy! Loki takes perfect care of the puppies, cleans them, nurses them and they thrive and gain weight. We know that it is not a matter of course after such an operation and that is why we are so very, very proud of Loki!!!

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20/3/2024 - Last final preparations.

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17.3.2024 - 58 day of pregnancy. We are slowly approaching the finale and Loki is just resting and gaining strength. She still very much likes to go on daily preventive walks and demands them herself, if she doesn't put her paw out in such beautiful weather as it was again this weekend, she is like a pile of misfortune. Yes, an active flatmate is simply an active flatmate, and the sun's rays tempt her not only to sunbathe on the terrace. The puppies' bellies are full, so it's already quite tight for them and they're going at full speed, Loki's belly is undulating like the sea, and the wrestlers give real kicks when touched. It's probably pushing Loki's stomach too, so he's been annoying us with feeding and struggling with nausea since Thursday. She did not suffer from nausea with the last litter and enjoyed the broth with meat even just after giving birth. And so now it's a little different again, and one seizes every free second between work, duties, walking, preparing for birth, and the rest of the time is filled with searching for the right momentary taste for Loki, which only requires hand-feeding. And so now it's a finished masterchef with us, when it's presented, for example: salmon in butter, scrambled eggs, boiled beef with vegetables, chicken broth, sponge cakes, turkey necks, ribs, muffins with cottage cheese... you can't even remember so many options , because Loki tastes one dish only once. Almost like in a fairy tale, but not very fairy tale. :D Loki and I are already looking forward to the puppies being born next week! 

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12/03/2024 - 53 day of pregnancy. Loki is already floating around and rummaging in the birthing box, purring like a locomotive and is somehow already in energy saving mode. Her milk is blessedly prepared and her lactation has already started. We weighed her yesterday and she gained 8 kg during her pregnancy. The puppies are making their movements known and Loki is resting, gaining strength for the upcoming birth, which we expect next week.

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8/3/2024 - It's slowly getting hard. Loki has been a little like a flying balloon for the last week and when we saw the sentence: "the female begins to visibly increase in size" in the pregnancy calendar for the next week, we were a little horrified. Loki takes it bravely, but you can see that her tummy (the little ones) is already taking a toll. She is calm, deliberate, careful, and the walks have already turned into peaceful walks. Her feeding is divided into 4 portions a day and that suits her perfectly, everything tastes good. The maternity bed is already slowly taking its place, and we put a new coat on her after work and in the evenings. We are careful about the environment for the mother and her future puppies, so we leave nothing to chance and always use safe paints and treatments according to EN 71 standards with certification. (friendly to the environment, to children and to contact with food) And the last beautiful message at the end: They are there! :) The first sporadic movements of the puppies were supposed to come gradually in a few days, but the puppies gave us their first kicks and patties already on Thursday, 48 days.

Loki 49 day pregnancy

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1/3/2024 - 42 day of pregnancy. Time flies like water and Lokinka rolls more and more. And so we are already gradually preparing and buying the necessary things for the approaching birth and the arrival of the puppies. Next week we will complete the birthing box so that Loki can gradually get used to it and prepare the background for the baby. Otherwise, we still go for maintenance walks, Loki looks happy and the only thing that "troubles" her is how to lie down comfortably so that the puppies in her tummy don't push her. :)

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24/2/2024 - 36 day of pregnancy. Loki is already halfway through her pregnancy. Her tummy is already starting to bother her and it doesn't allow her to occasionally "slap herself". In addition, it comments on each rewind with a grunt. On walks, he is no longer the bullet we are used to and is generally more careful and more oily. For some time now, he has had his food divided into portions 3 times a day, and yesterday we switched to feeding for pregnant bitches. Although her menu also includes goodies such as eggs, meat with side dishes, yogurt, and a few days ago a large package of dried treats arrived, which she immediately tasted, she is still very hungry. :) Then it was time for the regular editing, shortening the claws, and since Loki is growing back like a proper bear, we also edited the exhibition cut.

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18/2/2024 - 30th day of pregnancy. The fact that Loki is pregnant literally hit us about 14 days after mating. We think she would tell absolutely everyone about herself and you can tell very easily. She would literally eat your shoes even with the laces on. She had such bursts of appetite and enormous hunger during which she can literally do "dog bites" even at the beginning of the previous pregnancy with litter "A" (it's unbelievable, but even with an eternally hungry retriever, it can escalate even more). Nuts are usually among her favorite snacks, and here and there she brings us a few walnuts on a walk and wants to crack them. But what she did early in her pregnancy for a few nut crumbs was something. Her eyes turned into black and black peas and the cat from Shrek could envy her gentle, but even more ferocious cute look. She was able to sit calmly with the crumbs on the plate for the whole afternoon, didn't move an inch, made maximum eye contact and pointed towards the plate with her nose several times with the expression "You must be blind, it's there! Please, I'm dying of hunger, tyrants!" and continued to follow her desired goal intently. The basis of pregnancy is always not to overfeed the female and thereby not harm her unnecessarily! But guys, we'll tell you that Loki is a good Survivor in the first trimester of pregnancy. :)
Well, over time, Loki no longer masked the growing belly and other symptoms of pregnancy, which showed up more and more every day, despite the fact that Loki had regular movement and the usual weight of her food ration. It was so beautiful on Sunday that we took a few photos and took a furry dummy so that mom would be happy and at least bring her a few times. Well, she was very happy and then spent the rest of the day "catching bronze" on the terrace, as soon as the sun comes out, it's already on the marks. :)


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✯ 16/2/2024 - On Friday, the 28th, we went to the vet to confirm what we had suspected. Loki is pregnant and after counting all the balls we expect a large litter. :) We are very happy! The precisely calculated ideal days and the perfect progesterone level paid off again. Everything was fine at the son, so we hope that it will continue like this and we could welcome the puppies into the world around March 23rd. And so we brought out our caterpillar mascot again - anyone who carefully went through our website will surely have noticed that the caterpillar is such a puppy mascot for us. :) To all those interested in puppies, thank you for the beautiful congratulations and for carefully following our diary. We will contact everyone after the birth when we know the exact number of puppies and their gender.



✯ 14/02/2024 - 26 days from coverage. For now, Loki is enjoying the same regimen she is normally used to. He enjoys walks, treats, snacks full of vitamins, and in bad weather he lazes around or solves his favorite puzzles.
In a few days we will go for a sono, which will tell us what we are all waiting for and whether the coverage was successful. So far, only Loki knows...and maybe a little bit of us too. :)

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✯ For your interest, we are adding a pregnancy calendar, where you can watch day by day how a new life is born and how it actually happens. :)



✯ On Sunday, January 21, 2024, there was still an overlap and the tying took 20 minutes. It was preceded by very passionate frolicking and caressing. Loki really liked Mentos and she made it pretty clear, although it was obviously mutual. You just don't see this. :D And so we will hope that in less than a month we will find out whether a new life has arisen from this passionate love. ♥

We sincerely thank the owners of Mentos for allowing us to use him for our breeding. Thank you for their incredible willingness, kind reception and overall attitude, readiness, communication... there is so much that gratitude cannot be expressed in words.

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✯ Our trip to Poland went well and without any problems. We made a few stops along the way so that Loki could get outside, but also for us all to stretch a bit. Just beyond the border, a layer of snow was waiting for us all around and it lasted the whole way. The journey itself without breaks was supposed to take a little over 6 hours, but in the end it stretched a bit longer, thanks to the convoy due to a truck accident and then also the city rush hour right in Warsaw. The journey there already seemed rather long, but it continued well from Warsaw. The accommodation was great, the facilities perfect! Everything was really almost around the corner. :D Everyone around was very nice, accommodating and we really felt comfortable there. The owners of Mentos who welcomed us were also wonderful and Mentos looks really great in person and is a piece of a beautiful dog. Loki also liked Mentos very much, so on Saturday 20.1.2024, the first mating between Loki and Mentos took place.


✯ On Thursday morning 18.1. we visited the vet again to check the progesterone level and tomorrow we are going on a trip to the beautiful Mentosk. Wish us luck. :)


✯ On Tuesday 16.1. we went to the vet to find out the progesterone values. The readings were on track, but we still have one follow-up visit on Thursday. Loki also underwent a control sono, which we always do before mating, and everything turned out excellent again.


✯ According to our calculations, Loki began to heat up on Sunday, January 7, 2024. Next week we will go to find out the progesterone level. Loki recently had a preventive check-up, including a blood test. The results turned out excellent and we are, as always, very happy about it.